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Our Story

Reagan's Voice was founded in 2015 three years after our youngest daughter, Reagan, was diagnosed with ADHD and a Language based disorder. My husband and I felt fortunate that I have worked in Special Education for over 14 years, which allowed us to play a major part in Reagan's educational process. Despite my background at the time, it was very difficult and we felt like giving up. There were a lot of bumps in the road and as her parents, we just wanted to ensure that there was a clear partnership between home and school.

We thought if we were not equipped with what was needed to best advocate for our daughter, where would she be today?

Having this assertion, we knew that Reagan’s Voice would assist with a solution to what so many families face. Our organization will give families what they need to be apart of the change so desperately needed.

We believe that education is the great equalizer. Bringing awareness to the issue of educational equality without a solution does not change the outcome. Reagan’s Voice seeks to become apart of the resolution. “One Voice Closer to Change”.

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