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Educational Advocacy Services

At Reagan's Voice Educational Consulting Group, we believe education is the great equalizer. Bringing awareness to the issue of special education without a solution does not change the out come. Reagan’s Voice seeks to become apart of the resolution. “One Voice Closer to Change”.

Navigating the special education process from the parents perspective can become challenging. Sometimes as parents, we sit in Individualized Education Program meetings with professionals that minimize our power as a parent and advocate for our child. The relationship between parents and schools should be collaborative--you should be an equal participant as it relates to your child’s special education needs.

Reagan's Voice Educational Consulting Group can help you regain your power and confidence, and ensure your child is receiving the education they deserve. Our goal is to help you:

- Find your voice

-Advocate for what's right

-Ask the hard questions and demand answers

-Request testing

-Ask for data that relates to your child's progress

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you in your advocacy journey, contact us at

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